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Artwork by Jim Hoffman aka Theodore Davis, Harper's Weekly, done during the year's Battle event.

Our family would like to echo Evan Castle's remarks in thanking you for a very nice weekend. We have never attended a reenactment where the organizers were so gracious and helpful. You really have a special event and we enjoyed it so much! We ladies especially enjoyed a *real* tea and the costume judging competition. I know the guys were really pleased to be invited to be a part of the artillery with
their little Hale Rocket Launcher on Saturday. . .

Please tell everyone that we appreciate all of the hard work that went into your event. It was evident that hours of planning went into the weekend. We're looking forward to next year. Thanks again,
- Holly Sheen

I was one of the Union Cavalry horsemen that attended this event. My unit, the Michigan Cavalry Brigade, loves to come down to your battle. Although we are normally Union, we usually ride CS at this event with our good friends from the 6th KY Cavalry. Due to a lack of Union Cavalry, we "turned coats"!

This event needs to be spotlighted as a model for how to host a battle. The people of the town, event organizers, and spectators are what makes this such a special trip for us. We attend many battles across the country, most much larger than the Battle of Sacramento. However, no where else do we receive the care, consideration and appreciation that we receive at your event. Your attention to detail as to meeting our needs is incredible. Everyone is trying their best to make this a wonderful experience for not only the spectators but the re-enactors as well. Most battles see the re-enactors as necessary evils, not partners in a successful event.

Our particular unit does a lot of living history events at schools, museums etc. We understand what is necessary to tell the story of what happened in the best possible way. Historically accurate, fun to watch, fun to participate in and educational at the same time. This coming weekend we will be at The Henry Ford (formally known as Greenfield Village) here in Michigan. For three days we will work our behinds off educating the public on what really happened during the Civil War. This is the only event besides your battle that understands the needs of the re-enactors.

On behalf of the Michigan Cavalry Brigade, let me offer you a sincere thank you for your efforts in making The Battle of Sacramento one of the finest weekends a re-enactor can have! Best wishes,
- Jane St.John, Corporal, Michigan Cavalry Brigade

My name is Sheree and my husband is Jimmy Bland, Just wanted to let you know we always have a great time in Sacramento. The hospitality is wonderful! My husband and I are members of the 46th Tenn and Baxter's Battery and have been attending the event since 2002.
- Sheree Bland

We hope to make next year the 12th in a row at Sacramento. And just to let you know, when people ask how to put on an event, we tell them they have to go to Sacramento because they are the template of fun and success. There are few who can do it better than you folks. HUZZAH!
- Maj. Keith Karcher, Artillery Battalion Commander, BMA/KCB

Speaking for the 2nd Ky. I can tell you that we had a great time! Everyone involved with the event there in Sacramento are so nice and every reenactor is treated just the same, same respect and consideration. WE truly appreciate all that y'all do. We wouldn't miss this event for the world. Thanks again for a lovely time and you can rest assured that Sacramento will be on the calendar for next year. If we can be of assistance, don't hesitate to contact me. Thanks again.
- Paula White, President, 2nd Ky.

I absolutely love to come to "The Sac!" The people there are without a doubt the best! I was there with the 2nd Kentucky Reg. and I've been to quite a few events such as Perryville, Shiloh, Corinth, Chickamagua, G-burg, etc..... So I've been to a few and I love the Sac the best! Las year when we went to Richmond, KY BORA (Battle of Richmond Assoc.) asked us upon exit how they can make their events better, we all said in one voice . . . do what Sacramento does! Thanks for having us there.
- Mike Jones, Cpl. 2nd Ky Inf. Reg.