2009 Photo Galleries - Click on links below for photos.

Our thanks to the photographers who shared their photos with us: Mark Collings, Nashville, Tennessee; Diane Altom, Yuma, Tennessee; Darrell Woodcock, Glasgow, Kentucky; Anne Wright, Owensville, Indiana. A wonderful photo was taken during the night fire by Kelly Archer of New Albany, Indiana. To view other photos taken at the event by Tyler Emerson, click here.


We just wanted to say THANK YOU again for the warm hospitality and friendship you all showed us while attending your event. We go all over the south as the Grans and have very few events that shower us with so much as you all did. We now understand why your event is such a huge success. Keep up the great work!! We are so sorry we did not get this out sooner but we have had a few technical difficulties. We are alreay making plans for next year, if you all will have us. Always in your humble service.
- General and Mrs. U.S. Grant (Ron and Marti Perrin)

Thank you for another exciting weekend at Sacramento. Our family was very blessed to participate in this year's reenactment. We are looking forward to next year. You all made it very special. It is a large event and you do a wonderful job at making everyone of us feel very special and appreciated. As our family grows and is called to different parts of the country, we find that this reenactment will remain extra special... We are looking forward to seeing all of you next year.
- Blessings - Kathy Reckner (mom), the family and Molly the cow

We came to your event from Owensville, Indiana. This was our first year to visit. We enjoyed it very much. Everyone was helpful and friendly. We stayed in Madisonville at the Holiday Inn Express and ate at the Blue Jay Cafe in Sacramento- very good.
- Jamlee43 (Anne Wright)

Just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks again for your help on Saturday. I really enjoyed the Battle of Sacramento. My nephew was one of the reenactors and I do not recall him enjoying anything near as much in a long time. Now his brothers are interested as well.
- Deborah Leach

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the event. Sales were good and I met some nice people as well. Coordination and accommodations were of the best! My Mom was really pleased with the bath house.
- Dave Custer, Fiery Furnace Forge Blacksmith Company

We had a great time at the Battle of Sacramento! I can honestly say that in the three years we have been living historians, your event is the best when it comes to showing interest in the needs of the living historians that attend the event. Never did we see a "nasty" porta-potty...never did we see trash cans running over...and y'all even had a shower house...THATS something we have never seen at an event. Your staff was always courteous and non-imposing. The limo drives from the parking lot to the field were a great touch. I have been to an event that had living historian parking about the same distance as y'all's, but they did not offer a ride to or from the parking area. As advertised, y'all DID have a tea for the ladies...some events say they will have one, then they dont. PLEASE thank all who gave to the Saturday night feeding of the living historians! It was GREAT and if you didnt get "full of food", then that was your fault! Y'all even cared enough to go around and personally ask how we felt about the event! We WILL be there next year and this event is going to be mentioned to other Georgia units. THANK YOU again, for an excellent venue!
- David McLellan, Major, 2d Regt, CS Engineers of Dahlonega, Georgia

On behalf of Cobb's Kentucky Battery, CSA, I express our humble appreciation for yet another terrific event. I am not sure who you folks have an "in" with, but your arrangements for rain to sleep by, wind to dry the rain, sun to raise the spirits, and cool temperatures to enjoy while around a campfire were deeply gratifying and perfectly timed. THANK YOU! It was amazing. Thanks, too, for the fine meal, the wonderful new shelter, the great new walking bridge, and the many, many other commitments that make the Battle of Sacramento such a favorite. Thank you for allowing the men from Cobb's Battery to provide the Honor Guard for the final leg of the funeral procession for Mr. Clifton Howard/Jefferson Davis. It was a solemn occasion and we hope we did it justice. We were honored to have participated.
- James F. Naas, Captain, Cobb's KY Battery, CSA

My wife, son and I have been Civil War reenactors for 7 years, but this past weekend is the first time we have had the opportunity to take part in your event. All I can say is, you are WONDERFUL! We now know why we have heard so many good things about your event. You gave us such wonderful support and encouragement, and we knew you were glad to have us there. We felt appreciated, and that is not as common as it should be in our hobby. Some events seem to take us for granted. When we do all this on our own dime and reenact for free, it is nice when organizers and local folks show us they care!My wife tremendously enjoyed the Ladies Tea. She said she had never been to such a nice event. She loved being escorted in by a Confederate soldier. The table settings and servers; how could you do any more? She said she even received a gift. She says she will be getting every other lady to attend next time. The food was delightful! She says she will have to make chicken salad the way you did. It was nice to have the option to take showers. Since the weather was cool on Saturday and Sunday, we did not use them, but it was nice to know they were there. The meal Saturday night was fantastic. The ball was great fun, too. It was sometimes hard to hear what was being said over the PA system; maybe that can be fixed or improved? The weather was a little unusual for this time of year, but it all worked out great. We enjoyed touring the house, and transporting us in the limos was a nice plus! To cap it off, when we were driving out on Sunday to head home, there were a number of you standing near the exit to tell us goodbye! Thanks so much for all you did. I know it was an incredible amount of work. Lord willing, we WILL be back! We will see about 2010, as our son is graduating from high school, and this year it was held this past weekend! If we have a conflict and have to miss next year, we will plan to be there in 2011! We will also spread the word to other reenactors about how wonderful you folks are! Thanks again!
Craig, Patrice and Timothy Collins, 46th Tennessee

I just wanted to say thank you. The ladies tea was delightful. My friends and I enjoyed the food, the program,and meeting other ladies. I hope to return next year. Thank you
- Delilah Proffitt

We had a great time at the event and really loved the food and atmospere presented during the event. Thanks for a wonderfull time.
- Richard Edwards, Dixie Leather Works

It was a extreme pleasure to participate in the Annual Battle of Sacramento . The entire membership of Company E. 37th Virginia Infantry would like to express their thanks in being invited to participate. Please keep us on your mailing list for next year where we plan to bring several units from our Brigade . Please let everyone know that I personally have been reenacting for over 24 years across the U.S. and I can truly say that Sacramento is by far the best of which ,I and my command have ever been treated.
- Company E. 37th Virginia Infantry

Many thanks to you and your committee for another great reenactment. We really appreciate the hospitality and friendliness displayed by the community and the committee at your event. We always look forward to coming back year after year. Again, Thank You Very Much for another great weekend!!
- YOS, Gene Bolin, Captain, Kentucky Orphan Company, Tennessee Valley Battalion

I personally thank YOU very much; it's a wonderful event. My ancestors are from KY, and we always comment on how kind and good folks from the Bluegrass state are!!!! It really is something you notice, and it makes me & others come back over and over again. Looking forward to the photos and all.
- Vickie Flamion, PVT Phineas, Bankhead's Battery

We had a great weekend at the battle... not to far of a drive from my home in Calhoun, I am a private of 6th Kentucky Company C.
- Captain Shannon Jefferies

On behalf of Bankhead's Battery, Company B, 1st Tennessee Light Artillery, I would like to return your thanks tenfold. Sacramento is always a wonderful event, and this year was no exception. The event promoters are always most accommodating, the town is wonderful and always energetically charged for this event, and the ladies and churches go far beyond the pale in preparing the wonderful Saturday night meal for the reenactors. Also, my compliments to the military commanders for their attention to safety and detail. You all work so hard, and it is truly appreciated I have been attending the Sacramento event for many years, and expect to for many to come. Best wishes and regards:
Cpt. Bill Simmons, Commanding, Bankhead's Battery/AOT, Company B, 1st Tennessee Light Artillery, NCWAA Instructor

My students had a wonderful time and they learned so much. We had such a good time interacting with all the participants. We also had an opportunity to share with some songs from our recent patriotic musical "My Country Tis of Thee". We saw the Lord's immediate answer to prayer. One of our parents prayed just before we left Owensboro for the Lord to stay the rain at least until we had to leave. Once we had closed the doors on our vans the rain came down. Thank you so much for all that you do to make this a meaningful learning situation for students of Kentucky history.
- Charlotte Statton, Fourth Grade Teacher, Heritage Christian School

THANK YOU from a son of McLean Co. Thank you for making this old rebel feel like he was back home. As a descendant of Andrew Jackson Atherton of the Buck Creek area and William M Humphrey also of Buck Creek and Nuckols, I attend the reenactment at Sacramento because it is home AND because McLean Co. folk treat you right. My wife and I only travel from Somerset, but we would drive any distance to attend your fantastic event. We have never been treated as well as we in Sacramento. The activity schedule is great, the battle is wonderfully done, and the Saturday evening meal is exceptional - thanks to the entire community for their hospitality. As we shall be returning next year, I offer any help that I can to your event. Just let me know how this old country preacher/chaplain can be of assistance. God bless you all
- J. Woodson Binion, Owensboro native, McLean County roots

The Lord bless you and keep you, the Lord make His face shine upon you, and be gracious unto you, the Lord lift up His countenance upon you, and give you peace. (Numbers 6:24-26). Be a F.R.O.G. Fully Rely On God
- Chaplain J. W. Binion, D.P.Min. (AKA, The Battling Bishop), 5th KY Inf. & Pvt. E. F. Arthur Camp 1783 SCV, Assoc. Chaplain: Army of Tennessee (SCV) & Hardee's Div., Pastor - Wesley Chapel IMC