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LINKS (thanks to all the wonderful photographers who shared their photos with us here are just a few):

Ghost Images Photography from Owensboro - has a wonderful slide show from Saturday.

Allen Freeman Photography - on Flickr. Mr. Freeman is publishing a "BEST OF" photo book, called BOOK ONE, a 7" x 7", 200 color pages (275 images). A Battle of Sacramento book, the best images of 2009-2010 will be available. Join Mr. Freeman by clicking here to go about ordering your copy! Beautiful photos.

Tony Austin also shared his photos. Wonderful shots - click here to enjoy a slideshow. Along with photos of the Bed & Breakfast he stayed at in Madisonville, KY.

Shirley Carlton from Madison Alabama shared her beautiful photos with us. They will be added soon.

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D. Mattingly, Springfield, KY - reenactor, first year at Battle of Sacramento.
Don't change a thing. Likes the battle scenarios, length of the battles, food, parade and the camp area.

B. Sowell, Union City, TN - reenactor.
- Liked the meal on Saturday night (what a feast!)

R.Key, Springfield, KY- reenactor.
- Liked the friendly folks putting on the event.

H. Glasgow, Bay Minette, Alabama - reenactor, first year at Battle of Sacramento.
- Liked everything except the HEAT!

A. Quick, Shattuc, Illinois - reenactor.
- Loved the brigade maneuvers. Nice Meal - please thank everyone involved. Lots of fun, well done!

D. Peterson, Woodbury, Tennessee - reenactor.
- Everyone was very friendly and helpful. I'm not sure how you can make it better. Keep doing what you are doing.

H. Sheen, Taylors, South Carolina reenactor.
- Love the fact that y'all treat the reenactors so well. We feel so pampered by the limos and the Saturday night meal and the general friendliness and helpfulness - and the Tractor to pull us out of the mud. I also really like the ladies tea - the fact that it's real, tasty food and the gentlemen serve us and we get to use such lovely place settings. It's quite a feeling of elegance.

R. Lyke, Jackson, Missouri - reenactor.
- Always enjoy the company, the feed and the battle, I always manage to spend more than I plan at the sutlers.

B. Rivenbark, Memphis, Tennessee - reenactor.
- Maybe some water outlets besides for Cavalry. Even more Yankees to shoot up next year! Turn out for Union troops was great this year. Can't think of anything else. You guys do it right.

B. Newton, New Salisburg, Indiana - reenactor
- Tell Fuzzy to get well soon, we missed him! The people of Sacramento I think go way out of their way to make you feel wanted there, everything is geared toward this event. The battle itself is wonderful large field to play on I am part of the mtd. mountain howitzer crew and this is one of a few places we can have a great time.

S. Bruner, McEwen, Tennessee - reenactor, first year at the Battle of Sacramento.
- The Saturday dinner was wonderful and the way all the volunteers went out of their way to make you as comfortable as possible, ie., firewood, transporting to cars, trash bag pick-up after the event, etc.

D. Hosch, Louisville, Kentucky, reenactor.
- The great people that put on this event and respect they show us as reenactors. You do the best job I've ever seen in 28 years in this hobby. Thanks and keep up the good work!

T. Watts, Bell Buckle, Tennessee, reenactor.
- It was very reenactor friendly. The town seemed to actually appreciate all of us smelly, hairy, loud people in funny clothes.

K. Ryan, Hartselle, Alabama, reenactor.
- Turn down the Thermometer. HA! It was quite hot but that is just the way it goes. Have more sutlers.

D. Profitt, Nortonville, Kentucky, visitor.
- Loved the ladies tea.

B. Binkley, LaVergne, Tennessee, reenactor.
- the ice angels were truly from heaven!

D. Brunner, McEwen, Tennessee, reenactor.
- We reenactors were treated great! My company and I wanted for nothing.

J. Spain, Friendship, Tennessee, reenactor.
- The people are great. The event staff caters to the reenactor's every need admirably and the food is mind-blowing! FANTASTIC!

D. Watkins, Bumpous Mills, Tennessee, reenactor.
- Ya'll are always improving the event. Keep up the good work. I know next year is the 150th anniversary. I'd suggest doing somthing extra special.

L. Fritz, Fairview, Kentucky, reenactor.
- The Ladies Tea of course in addition to the battle is what she liked best. It was great to see the artillery, infantry and cavalry on the fields. I even saw a gentleman dressed in the navy uniform, awesome.

J. Raterman, Venedy, Illinois, reenactor.