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Proposed Schedule of Events
23rd Annual "Forrest's First"
May 19-21, 2017

(NOTICE: Schedule is subject to change during the event by the committee
or field commanders.)

Rain or Shine!
All events are on the battlefield unless listed otherwise.

Don't Forget to Register, Click here.
Registration is $10. Reenactors 12 and under are FREE. Sutlers - $45

LEASE NOTE - CANNONS: Only 3/4 and full-sized artillery pieces will be allowed on the field. Guns must have single-piece bored/milled tubes. PIPE GUNS finished with adhesive binding material (e.g., concrete, cement, bondo, etc.) are specifically disallowed. Batteries from the Battle of Sacramento Planning Committee.

MAY, 2016: ALL artillery pieces and crews must be registered. If the artillery piece is not registered, no powder ration will be distributed for that piece. Distribution will be determined by the official registration list. That's the fair way to ensure that all registered guns are accounted for.

Watch for activities posted throughout the day.
For information, call (270) 792-5300;
email: or

Friday, May 19

8:00 AM Open Registration (reenactors only)
8:30 AM -
12:15 PM

Living History Day
- Tour the homestead area (Reckner Family) east of the registration area and the Nall-Moore house on the battlefield property.
Visit with Brenda Hamela, weaver and spinner on the front porch of the house.
Enjoy the period music with "Unreconstructed" on the back porch.
- Take a look at the old log cabin now in use for registration on the grounds.

9:15 AM -
12:45 PM

- Visit the CSS H.L. Hunley replica submarine exhibit

10:00 AM -
1:15 PM

Visit candlemaker (Charlene Pierce), blacksmith (John & Beth Lovin) sutlery area, and ropemaker (Patrick Sharp) in the civiliana camp

10:45 AM -
1:45 PM

Visit with the Historical Flag Experts (Spencer & Linda Brewer) in the flag area

11:15 AM -
2 PM

Artillery rocket fire demonstration and military drill (Graham Reed) battlefield

11:45 AM -
2:30 PM

Cannon Fire demonstration (Cobb's KY Battery), battlefield area

6:30 PM Period Music Concert

Immediately following concert, join us for a lantern tour and storytelling through the camp. Night cannon demonstration.

MIDNIGHT Taps, all quiet

Saturday, May 20

7:00 AM Reveille
8:00 AM Officer's Call
9:00 AM Open to the Public (until 1 PM, then after the battle until 8 PM)
10:00 AM Living History and other activities at the battlefield
11:00 AM Ladies Tea and Fashion Show (United Methodist Church)
1:00 PM Opening Ceremony: Historical Presentation about the Battle of Sacramento
1:45 PM Battlefield Dedication & Mollie's Ride
5:00 PM "Dinner On The Grounds" - reenactors only
8:00 PM Battlefield Ball with period music. For reenactors only.

Sunday, May 21

7:00 AM Reveille
8:00 AM Officer's Call
10:00 AM Memorial at Mollie's Grave (Cumberland Presbyterian Cemetery)
10:00 AM Camps open to the Public until 1 PM
11:00 AM Community Worship Services (Events Stage)
1:00 PM Opening Ceremony
1:30 PM Battlefield Dedication & Mollie's Ride
After Battle Break Camp until May 2015

Other Activities

Arts & Crafts Fea Market & Food available on the grounds
Visit Camp Calhoun Union Cemetery (3rd & High St. in Calhoun)
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